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I found when I searched for an anti spam method for the contact form on my website: http://klauskjeldsen.dk/2007/07/19/avoi … using-css/

I'm not really sure if it works, but maybe it can be used in PunBB to avoid spamming?

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Re: Anti spam with css

By itself it's a bad idea, because some human browse the web without CSS support (blind people for one, but also some hand held device, etc.).

Re: Anti spam with css

It doesn't work, at least not well enough: I've tested it on the Bug Reports form for this site and I have a friend who has used it on his site. Some spam bots are smarter than others. wink
And that particular implementation is poor, since as Jérémie pointed out some users will end up seeing the field. There should be a note next to it (also hidden) telling people not to fill it out.
As an extension for 1.3? Certainly possible


Re: Anti spam with css

I have had the same idea and its implemented on the following website:

Look at the source line 640. You will find several submit buttons. Only one is visible and can activate the form. The right submit button has a h2 in front which is outside of the view, but should be visible for users with screenreaders.

This methode is still experimental. Lets see if it works. If spam bots are clever enough to interpret css, it dosent works.