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Topic: Punbb Tatar language pack

I've translated punbb interface to tatar language.

Here you can download it:
Tatar.7z(10.13 KiB)
Tatar.zip(21.75 KiB)

i used 1.2.16 version.
stopwords.txt is empty.
encoding is windows-1251.

i'll post utf-8 version soon, if the God wants ("inshaallah").

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Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

you can see it here: http://tmforum.awardspace.com/


Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

i have made fix for tatar letters will be shown in ms ie 6.

i think i should include this fix to tatar language pack.

also i 've made ability for guests to select board language, it is useful for many tatar sites:

i think i should write also a tatar phrase in the title of this topic for search engines would bring tatar users to this topic, (but i cannot edit it).
i'll wrote some phrase here: татарча punbb, татар punbb; татарча, татар форум. татарский форум, punbb по-татарски. smile


Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

you cannot see this mods on http://tmforum.awardspace.com/ yet.

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Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

7z: http://tmf.org.ru/download/file.php?id=13
zip: http://tmf.org.ru/download/file.php?id=12

i am editing on 2008-11-03. writing tmf.org.ru instead of tmf.byethost13.com/phpBB3 .


Re: Punbb Tatar language pack


i have made new mod. multilanguage forum names, descriptions and category names. it is here: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=4876

you can see demo at http://tmforum.awardspace.com and also demo of "guest change language".

(i am going to post also in modifications forum)

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Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

i made this translation on the http://forum.baltasi.ru/viewtopic.php?id=278
one user there i think 'maybe "inspired" with my work' made translation of http://forum.baltasi.ru to tatar when my translation was 75% complete.

i am going to post his version also. his version is modificated. i'll remove modifications of it and post here. i think he does not speak english well enough.
my version for http://forum.baltasi.ru is also complete.

i make these modifications that i said to make one new forum.

(2nd july: added 'maybe)


Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

multilanguage forum and category names and forum descriptions in "modifications" forum:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … criptions/


Re: Punbb Tatar language pack

"tatar16" 's translation of punbb 1.2 for forum.baltasi.ru : http://forum.baltasi.ru/download.php?aid=190 .