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Topic: Putting elements 'behind' PunBB with z-index

Recently I've tried to put elements 'under' the forum columns, with z-index. As IE is numbering the index from 0, I couldn't use z-index:-1 - so, I need to give PunBB a higher number...

http://kepfeltoltes.hu/080630/Clipboard … es.hu_.jpg

Red Circle: this is what I want to achieve: an element positioned behind the forum
Pink Circle: this is the max I could get (in IE) only links (elements that have hover) are displayed
Green circle: this is the default display of an item, positioned over the forum.

So, again: I want to give a Z-index for PunBB as a whole to be able to put absolutely positioned divs/elements behind it. I could achieve this with negative z-index numbers, but those are only supported in FF/Opera. IE only supports positive Z-index numbers, so to be able to put something behind an element, I have to raise the index number for the foreground one.

I've tried #punwrap without success. I also tried to create a div (with high index number) by opening/closing it in the header/footer. Is there a div that encompasses PunBB as a whole?

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Re: Putting elements 'behind' PunBB with z-index

Okay, solved, stupid me - #punwrap's position: was not set to absolute... roll
It's awesome how PunBB can be customized with simple css.