Topic: PunBB vs ExpressionEngine Forum

I plan to create a web journal (not in expressionengine) and am going to be including a forum on my site.  Part of the forum will be used for discussion of my blog entries (every entry will have a link at the bottom to a forum topic about that entry).  The rest of the forum will just be for general discussions among my visitors.

I am debating between using punBB and the ExpressionEngine forum module for my forum.  Could anyone give me advice on which is better?  I know people may be biased here, but hopefully some people can give me objective analysis.

I especially want something with straightforward CSS styling so I can tightly integrate the look of the forum with the look of my site.  For example, Iā€™m looking to have all the user control/registration/login links in a sidebar, and not at the top of the page.

I also want the software to be lightweight and simple.  I want there to be no spam.  In terms of the amount of features, I think both punbb (with extensions) and EE are adequate.

What are the relative pros and cons of each vis a vis the other??

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!

Re: PunBB vs ExpressionEngine Forum

If you use ExpressionEngine and you need community on site (e.g.: with one user base for post news), i think ExpressionEngine Forum is better idea.

P.S. But pay ~1/2 ($45) ExpressionEngine ($100) for a modul... Drupal/MODx/"SupaDupaCMS" + PunBB real better. roll

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