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Hey guys - just wanted to show you
After going through htese forums for a while, i finally managed to integrate wordpress users to punBB users and integrated punBB to a wordpress theme.

Let me know if you guys have any questions and I'll try to answer from what I learned.

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it's a very nice integration. It's punbb 1.2.x?


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Hi pallian,

I'll like to know about this integration process, is there a pluign or something to make this integration?

Thanks in advance for the information you can share with me (us wink).


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I see you don't have a link to PunBB. Why?

Also, your navigation links on the right don't work (href="#").

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Feel free to use the PunBB 1.2 integration wiki page to write the WP integration how-to and to publish the links to your mods and plugins.

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