Topic: migration from minibb 2.0

I'm have a problem migration from minibb 2.0 the post/replies are not transferring over.

Re: migration from minibb 2.0

From the downloads page:

Please note that the migration tool is unofficial and that any support questions therefore should be directed to the author.

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

Re: migration from minibb 2.0

i'm aware of that. I tried contacting the script creator but no response. I thought if I post here someone might of had the same problem and be able to help. I really want to use pubb but just can't get my old board to move the data over sad

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I have no problem with the conversion, except for some hiccup with img & link tag. The rest are choice.



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Sorry for bumping old topic, but has anyone fixed the img and links tags yet?

I was thinking on using sql find replace directly on db like
update [forum_posts] set [message] = replace([message],'[<img src="]','[[img]]');
update [forum_posts] set[message]= replace([message],'[" alt="" title="" />]','[[/img]]');

So that would hopefully change
<img src="" alt="" title="" />
[.img][/img.] *without the red dots*


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Ok, so i tested this and works fine. All images are now shown correctly. The problem now is, that i don't know how to replace <br/> tag. I tried \n and \r\n but it doesn't work. Any idea?


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Ok, solved this too

Open parser.php 


Then run sql find and replace command

update forum_posts set message = replace(message,'<br />','[br]')