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Topic: Installing a Style

I've spent about an hour trying to find directions for installing a style, and haven't found anything.  I'm using PunBB 1.3 under OS X Leopard.  I generated a style using Spink and followed the directions, but Oxygen is the only option that comes up.  Attempted to look in the wiki "documentation" for answers, but 75% of the pages haven't been created yet.  There are two entries, one which displays pictures of themes, and another which briefly talks about styles -- but neither of them actually tell you how to install either one.

Any helpful suggestions?

[edit] Oops.  I suppose this should be in troubleshooting.

Re: Installing a Style

SpinkBB-generated styles are only for PunBB 1.2.

Re: Installing a Style

When will we see info on 1.3 styles? I'm dying over here... tongue

Re: Installing a Style

Started: http://punbb.informer.com/trac/browser/ … .3/styles/

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