Topic: Question about later releases/hotfixes

If I install the hotfixes on 1.3, but some time later the 1.3.1 for example is released, does it contain these hotfixes from scratch? And if so, will the installed hotfixes list in the admin panel be cleared?

Or won't there be normal updates, because anything can be done by one-click-hotfixing it?

I'm still a bit confused with this new update/extension system. wink

Re: Question about later releases/hotfixes

Each hotfix is logically similar to the SVN changeset. Though they may differ in the way of fixing the bug, because of extension system limitations.

Hotfix system lets you to delay upgrading the files making the forum logically equal to the latter version.

Nevertheless, it wouldn't be nice from our side to give to new users the old package with known bugs. They will download next version with all the hotfixes included.

Each hotfix is purposed for the concrete forum version. It will not be allowed to install on any other version. Old hotfixes will be automatically removed on forum update.

More questions are welcome cool

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