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I want to integrate two Punbb forums, on two separate urls, so that they both use the same userlist.
Preferably, this would include the ability to jump from one to the other without having to log in a second time.
Additionally, I would want the online users, to show on both sites, while on either board.
Is this possible?
I found this post … 879#p51879
But it doesn't really solve the issue, one of the suggestions about changing code on line 76, does not seem to be valid with my version of punbb, and as pointed out, there are problems created by using.
The "$db->prefix.'users
then change the prefixes"
Method does create problems, and changing the cookie seed does not work.

Thanks for all your help and expertise.


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Re: Punnbb Userlist with Punbb Userlist

Solved problems associated with the "$db->prefix.'users
But I still haven't figured out how to make it so that people can log into both sites at the same time, or how to use the cookie feature to do this.

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Re: Punnbb Userlist with Punbb Userlist

are all tables together in the 1 database but just have different prefixes?
if so, just alter the login to use the 1 online table and users table (changing '.$->prefix.'users to MYPREFIX_users)

Re: Punnbb Userlist with Punbb Userlist

Yes I did that, and also changed the  $db->prefix.'online, and it works for showing users online and users registered; then I tried reversing that and changed everything else and changing the prefix in the code, either way seems to work in that regard, but I still have a problem.

Despite the fact that it will show "User1" on both sites as a registered user, and online, it still makes you log into each site individually.

These two forums are on their own server but the database is only on one of the servers and they are sharing it.

Both of the config.php files are identical at this point,
There must be a way for them to use the same cookie? Isn't there?

Thanks again

Re: Punnbb Userlist with Punbb Userlist

A little late maybe, but for anyone reading this, possibly this can help get you started... … plication/


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