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Topic: CSS bug on forum index

The vertical borders do not extend if there is too much text on forum description. See image below.



Re: CSS bug on forum index

What browser? OS? Link to forum?


Re: CSS bug on forum index

browser: firefox 3 and ie7
os: windows xp
link to forum http://www.maat-center.com/forum

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Re: CSS bug on forum index

It looks fine to me on both Firefox 3.0.4 and IE 7.0.5730. (Windows XP Pro SP3)

Edit: I think it's because of your resolution. I'm on 1280*1024.


Re: CSS bug on forum index

hmm..I'm on 1024*768...still, this might be considered a bug, right?

Re: CSS bug on forum index

Well... your resolution is squishing that long forum description. Try shortening it?


Re: CSS bug on forum index

Will try to fix css instead..if i get lucky I'll let you know.

Re: CSS bug on forum index

It doesn't work for me either. I have 1024x768, too. I don't see how, but maybe it has to do something with the bold text...

FluxBB - v1.4.8


Re: CSS bug on forum index

Any idea how to change size of column with post and topic numbers? I think if i can decrease them i would get more space for the forum description and that might fix this problem. Although, i have no idea why this would happen.

Has some one else tried very long forum description?


Re: CSS bug on forum index

It's not the bold test. Try setting a higher resolution, then slowly shrink the browser window. You'll see what I mean.


Re: CSS bug on forum index

Found the solution: replace Lines 868-877 on 'matt.css' with:

.brd .main-content .main-item .item-subject,
.brd .main-content .main-item li {
     float: left;
     border-left-style: solid;
     border-left-width: 1px;
     margin: 0 -2px -21.7em 0;
     position: relative;
     padding-top: 0.6em;
     padding-bottom: 22.4em;


Re: CSS bug on forum index

Yeah..great. Tnx Garciat. I was struggling with margin and didn't check padding-bottom

so, is this bug or did i mess something up? smile


Re: CSS bug on forum index

Since i have started css problems topic, i found another strange thing. Please check this and scroll to the bottom. In IE7 and FF3 when logged with admin i see this

This only happens on this 267 page. Any idea why this would happen

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Re: CSS bug on forum index

ok, never mind..there's was quote problem in one of the posts which made some nasty things. Quick quote option quoted wrong user, but right text and stuff like that.

the quote was used like this
some text(quote)
some other tekst(/quote)

after fixing it, all works fine...even layout is fixed.

I think there should be some warning about using bbcode wrong, since it can damage the forum.