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Topic: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

NEW: [added 05-03-2010] Download 1.0.1

Download the Extension here  [added 15-12-2008 !]     now includes add to BBCode Help

1. make sure    Allow BBCode parser to detect URLs and put them into url tag.    in
Settings / Features is DISABLED
ps: if anyone knows a workaround for that let me know!
2. use as follows in post:

[divx] your file url [/divx]

my first extension. let me know if it works to satisfaction.
it's intended for people who have .avi divx files on their server for example...

Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

oh yeah you made it as an extension, nice smile
I already modified the parser.php and bb_code extension, so someone else could give a try wink

Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

Please describe what this extension does so the idiots (me) knows what it is for smile

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Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

What it does:

It embeds the Divx Web Player into the post
when you integrate;


(your divx file url wrapped by divx tags)

Who is it for?

Any Administrator or User who has access to URLs of Divx Files and wants to show posts with the Divx Files. (Same affect as someone adding a YouTube Video for example)

The PlugIn Web Divx Webplayer for your browser can be downloaded at divx.com direct link for free if not installed yet. You can check out more on the player here: http://labs.divx.com/WebPlayer

[DivX Web Player lets you watch DivX videos right in your web browser. Some people prefer the quality compared to good old flash I guess]

EDIT: PS if someone knows of another good opensource player for xvid or regular .avi files --> please let me know. Always better not being stuck with divx and having alternative to flash.

Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

[divx]http://mywebsite.bla/xyz/test.avi[/divx]produces  an embedded divx player in your post.
You can use any URL you have of Divx Files. 

newly added bbcode help included

Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

DivX wrote:

With our next release just around the corner, we wanted to give our labs community a taste of what we’ve been cooking up since our launch of DivX Plus Web Player 2.0... We’ve received some great feedback and suggestions from everyone and have been working hard to enhance the web player’s performance. Our latest labs release version 2.0.1 is now available for download with the following enhancements:

  • Decreased buffering time

  • Enhanced CPU usage

  • Improved subtitle characters

  • Improved stability and performance

  • Increased picture quality (sharper text)

  • Fixed issue with mouse cursor disappearing

  • Improved calculation and display of buffering

  • Improved compatibility with web servers that support limited HTTP features

  • More specific and clearer error messages

  • Improved handling of JavaScript API


Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

DivX wrote:

Introducing DivX HiQ - An Alternative to Flash on Popular Video Sites

We've been busy working on DivX Plus Web Player over the last few months, and we've made progress on a ton of new features that we're excited to share with you. Our favorite new feature is called DivX HiQ, and it helps boost web video performance on your favorite video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion by using DivX Plus Web Player instead of the native video player. DivX HiQ is only one of the new things we're rolling out in this Beta release, so check it out for yourself on DivX Labs.

Download the new DivX Plus Web Player v2.1 Beta for Windows.

New Features:

DivX HiQ: Higher Quality Web Video, One Click at a Time

DivX HiQ boosts web video playback performance by switching to DivX Plus Web Player instead of the lower performance native players on popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. Check out the full list of supported sites on DivX Labs.

After installation the "DivX HiQ" button will appear beneath a supported site's player
(Here is how it looks on YouTube).

New Formats: Native MP4 and MOV Support

In addition to DivX (.divx, .avi) and DivX Plus (.mkv) video formats, DivX Plus Web Player 2.1 Beta now includes native support for MP4 and MOV videos.

HTML5 <VIDEO> Tag Support

Our new HTML5 implementation makes it easy to embed the DivX Plus Web Player elegantly with the new <VIDEO> tag for uniform .divx, .avi, .mkv, .mp4 and .mov support across multiple browsers. Check out our HTML5 demo to learn more.

DXVA Hardware Acceleration

The DivX Plus Web Player 2.1 Beta now supports DXVA hardware acceleration, so you can offload all of your H.264 video decoding to your GPU. 


Have you experienced any problems using this beta? Did you find a bug? Want to share your DivX-related poetry? Share your feedback and/or poetry to tell us what you think in the forums:
DivX HiQ Forum
HTML5 Forum


Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

nice extension but I don't like to disable url detection because the "video" tag for youtube works with the "url" tag inside it.

Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

very true

I need to do something like here


Re: [Extension] DivX Adding BBCode

any update available ?