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Does PunBB support a group or role system where you can assign users to groups that affect their abilities on the forum?

I know you have admin users, but is there some sort of hook where we can create different permission levels? For instance, it would good to not allow users to post link until they have say 100 post. Or say new members can't send private messages until they have x number of post.

The post count can be mirrored in a user-level or groups:

- novice
- member
- advanced member
- moderator

etc ...

... That sort of thing.



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Re: User Roles or Groups?

sounds like a good request for an extension
But lots of variables might make it too awkward

Re: User Roles or Groups?

Add an extension request, please. Describe more exactly what features you want to have.

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You can presently do this in PunBB/FluxBB versions 1.2.x using the (recently updated) multigroup mod (ver 0.11c).
Go to to find the multigroup mod.

I believe FluxBB 1.3 has the multigroup extension slated for release, but PunBB 1.3 (already out) does not.

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Re: User Roles or Groups?

I was wondering something similar — is it possible to automatically move a user to a new group after x amount of posts or prevent users from creating new threads in a specific forum until they've hit a certain amount of posts?

This sounds like something that would be an extension, but there are so many great things in 1.3 and I haven't been able to look around, that I wouldn't be surprised if it's possible now.

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No, there is no features, that you have described, in core. It can be an extension.