Topic: Slovenian translation in wiki

I've noticed that slovenian translation it's just a copy of english and nothing more:


please remove it from list, it is not translated at all (maybe someone uploaded wrong zip?).


Re: Slovenian translation in wiki

That's odd. I'm sure i uploaded slovenian translation. As i have written in the wiki, only front-end is translated, that's about 60% or so. Please check more carefully and report back.

I'm from slovenia btw smile


Re: Slovenian translation in wiki

I'll recheck. Also translation is not in utf-8 and causing problems, so I'll go trough all of it again.


Re: Slovenian translation in wiki

I believe someone updated the language file, since i see it's marked as 2 in the end. Here's my original and it works fine in utf-8. If you will translate admin section, please update wiki file smile




Re: Slovenian translation in wiki

Works great, thanks!
However I see untranslated strings also on other user-visible sections.
Will translate them later an post it here.

Admin panel is irrelevant to me.