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Re: Languages

I will translate Norwegian, i have translated 3 files. Bot in one week maybe the Norwegian language pack by me will be done.

Edit: 4 files have been translated the files are: Forum.php Index.php, login.php and Post.php.

PunBB, the FluxBB of tomorrow - today!

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Anyone working on a Spanish-LatinAmerica translation?

It is a little different as Spanish-Spain.


http://tinymailto.com/oliversl <-- my email after a captcha


Re: Languages

can someone make Bosnian language or Croatian if there is one?

Re: Languages

how about Chinese?


Re: Languages

I search after a swedish translations to PunBB 1.3.2 is there anyone who have started ?

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Re: Languages

Robur wrote:

I'll do the Hungarian...

FYI, we teamed up with Robur and are finishing the hungarian translation in the near future hopefully (i'm at ~half of my part)


anyway, there's a small error in topic.php and forum.php:

'No permission'            =>    'Sorry! no permission to post a reply',


'No permission'                =>    'Sorry! no permission to post new topics',


note the lowercase n in no


another one in topic.php is:

'Visit website'            =>    '%s Website',

it appears as Website, so I don't know what is %s used for


another one in post.php:


of course i can replace that string but i'm afraid it might still collide on certain displays. a better solution would be to let the line of string break after a certain limit so that it will surely fit. anyway, this kind of error occurs on other pages too


in profile.php

Once deleted a user and/or their posts cannot be restored.



in profile.php

'Avatar info size'            =>    'The maximum image size allowed is %sx%s pixels and %s bytes (%s KB).',

it is correctly kB smile


in index.php

'Currently online'            =>    'Currently online ( %s )',

this is quite lousy, coz it's untranslateable and nonsense if no user is logged in, eg:

Currently online ( 1 guest, 0 user )

it would make sense like

Currently online 1 guest and 0 user

and if there are users logged in:

Currently online 1 guest and 3 users, %users_list

or sg like that


in index.php:

'New posts title'            =>    'This forum contain posts made since your last visit.',

contains wink


one last thing: there's something fishy with installation. it is localized on the first page, but later it falls back to english (the sample post and all). i'll have to investigate this further, till then happy new year wink


Re: Languages

Is it anyhow possible to change the UTC8 now, because my forum was updated from 1.2 to 1.3 and now the letters žćčđš doesn't work which are important in my language


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dera wrote:

Is it anyhow possible to change the UTC8 now, because my forum was updated from 1.2 to 1.3 and now the letters žćčđš doesn't work which are important in my language

make sure that all the files your foum is using are encoded in utf8

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Re: Languages

thnx man, I'll try that..


Re: Languages

dera wrote:

thnx man, I'll try that..

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you'll probably have to check out the language files only, the other files should be okay if you didn't edit them. you can check this out in notepad++ for example, in the format menu (the correct one is utf-8 without bom)

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Re: Languages

Mpok wrote:
Jérémie wrote:

I will very probably do French.

@Jérémie : the official support of PunBB in French (and provider of the french language pack) is Punbb.fr.
Ur welcome to contribute if u wish...
Note: we (the staff at punbb.fr) don't already have planned neither begun anything on 1.3 localization, we're just beginning to test, so if u have parts already done, it will be appreciated.

Hi there !

I had to make a forum urgently (by the way, great application guys !) and I needed the French translation asap for the users parts, so I ended up translating it and added the files to the wiki big_smile (I thought it may help someone until more complete versions come around).


Re: Languages

http://www.keydogbb.info/img/new_images/accept.png       http://www.keydogbb.info/img/flag/france.gif France - French (Français) http://www.keydogbb.info/img/new_images/Download.pnghere     (Kyahra - 13-JAN-2009)

you're a star big_smile added to the overview here aswell smile

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Re: Languages


A more complete French version is coming along nicely. It's not perfect, but here it is.
http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/_media/p … french.zip

I've just posted my first language pack for the French version of PubBB 1.3.2 (59% done).

I hope it will be useful to you.

I will need to skip some work to complete it smile

Re: Languages

Hi there!

Nice work with new version of PunBB!

Here you are romanian language pack only front end, not admin.

Keep on the good work!


Re: Languages

thx for that!


Re: Languages

The Chinese pack not complet, the admin area still English.

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Re: Languages

I will do Korean

preview - http://www.hey-man.net/


Re: Languages

@urdoll - which simplified or traditional?

@wallel : cool

http://www.keydogbb.info/img/new_images/accept.png       http://www.keydogbb.info/img/flag/poland.gif Polish - Poland    http://www.keydogbb.info/img/new_images/Download.pnghere by Daris (15-02-2009)

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Re: Languages

The arabic pack not complet, the admin area still English. but i have many issue in the style  "oxygen"  such as:
direction , text-align , float, ...etc
I dont know how can i slove it

Re: Languages

elpopi wrote:

Hi, I translated almost half of punbb 1.3 files to Spanish.

This is the version 0.1 because all the admin pages and the stopwords are yet to be translated, but the forum is perfectly readable for spanihs users in this state.

I'm uploading it to http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/language_packs

Any help is welcome.

edit: I think that Spanish language should not be between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, as both are variations of Chinese

I´ve changed "hilos" by "temas" (as "threads" is translated in other forum scripts). Download from www.ideaworks.com.ar/punbb/punbb-1.3-spanish.zip


Re: Languages

I will do kurdish smile


Re: Languages

Indonesian translation ready to go


Re: Languages

bejo, could you add your translation pack to wiki, please?


Re: Languages

ok, ASAP:D

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Re: Languages

i've upload indonesia pack, but it seems not very corectly translated big_smile, if anyone want to check and repair it ,thank you. hey, how to make a project in wiki ?

http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/lib/exe/ … nbb13:lang

http://www.ziddu.com/download/4273388/i … a.zip.html