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Topic: Issue with extern.php

I had an issue calling extern.php?action=online and action=online_full. I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: Guests online in /home/projecto/public_html/forum/extern.php on line 499
: 6

Notice: Undefined index: Users online in /home/projecto/public_html/forum/extern.php on line 504
: 1

(or line 502 in the second row for online_full value; usernames and the online user counts are properly displayed)

I'm not good in php. When I check those lines, the code there goes like this:

    echo $lang_index['Guests online'].': '.forum_number_format($num_guests).'<br />'."\n";

        echo $lang_index['Users online'].': '.implode(', ', $users).'<br />'."\n";

        echo $lang_index['Users online'].': '.forum_number_format($num_users).'<br />'."\n";

My guess was that this is something about the entries in the language files for 'Guests online' and 'Users online'. However, I wasn't able to find a file in the lang folder holding those.

Then I realized I can check this on any PunBB installation and it is indeed valid here too:

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/extern … nline_full

I would be glad if you look into this, but also if you can point me on a quick fix. Will adding those entries in common.php in the lang folder do the job?



Re: Issue with extern.php

Just wanted to confirm that adding

'Guests online'     =>    'Guests online',
'Users online'       =>    'Users online'

to index.php in <Forum path>/lang/English resolved the issue. I hope this will be taken care of in the next version.


Re: Issue with extern.php

This bug was fixed in [1001].