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Would anyone be willing to go into my website and change the code of my PunBB 2.? I would like to cut out some stuff, but I don't know how. See I have already cut out a lot of stuff. Also I was hoping that all the text and text boxes could be enlarged by 25%. Perhaps I could make it worth someone's while.

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Why are you using PunBB? From looking at your site, wouldn't blog software (eg WordPress, TextPattern, Movable Type etc) suit you better?

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Does blog software allow responses of a great length? I am hoping that other people will post their own stuff. Are you possibly interested in altering my code? I have no programming knowledge.

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Tolkien wrote:

Does blog software allow responses of a great length?

Yes, unfortunately it does.

No one needs to alter any code. It looks like you are using a host who makes the SimpleScripts auto-installer available to their customers to install stuff like blogs and forums.

I think WordPress and Textpattern are on the list of blog software that SimpleScripts can install for you. Try installing either of those. You may find that they will work fine for you - or near enough - out of the box.