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I am making a forum, I chose PunBB because it was the simplest and most visually appealing to me. Unnecessary complexity is something I dislike intensely. I have no programming knowledge, but I was able to go into the PunBB 1.2 code (especially the Language folder) and remove a lot of stuff. (You can see my hackjob at the site.) I would like to go further and remove everything except the absolute minimum: all the numbers, dates, etc. I can't figure out how to do this. For example, I would like to remove the date showing when the last post was made. I would like to remove the post counters. I can't think of any reason why someone would want to help me with this, but I thought I'd try anyway.

One other thing I would like to do is remove all the blue color, and just have black on white.

If everything in the world was as modest and self-effacing and simple as PunBB, that would be a better world. More being. Like a ceramic bowl vs. a plastic bowl: the former has more being, thus more goodness, thus people prefer it.


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Are you actually wanting to rip out all of that code specifically or just make it not visible? You're creating a whole lot of work for yourself by ripping the code apart, (and risking buggering things up in the process). Just hiding content via the CSS would be far simpler and less detrimental.

Re: amputating limbs of PunBB 1.2

If you list out the things you want to get rid of, I could help you out.

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I just want to make the code not visible. What is the CSS? How can I hide content?

Thanks Garciat.

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Your stylesheets in the style dir.

Add this to the end of the oxygen.css file:

th.tc2, th.tc3, td.tc2, td.tc3 {display: none;}

and those columns should become hidden by the browser. They'll still be there, but not visible.