Topic: Tweak PunRewrite on 1.2.21


Can anyone help me (or know of someone how can) tweak the PunRewrite mod on 1.2.21

The PunRewrite mod adds forum names and topic subjects to the URLs, but only works on the first pages (I know, 1.3* does it without a mod, but I have too much into the customization of my 1.2.21). I've already added the page numbers to the multipage viewforum (list of topics) and viewtopic (list of posts) Titles and H1 tags (avoids duplicates), but I need the the forum names (with page number) and topic subjects (with page number) in the URLs of pages 2,3,4... also (Optimum SEO).

Not sure, but it may only involve correcting the mulitpage navigation links.

I'm very willing to pay a fee for the service.

Please let me know what you think!

Thank you,


Re: Tweak PunRewrite on 1.2.21

it's useless for SEO.

Re: Tweak PunRewrite on 1.2.21

qie wrote:

it's useless for SEO.

Hi qie:

You really should research that further. Matt Cutts has noted the advantage to having the title keywords in the URL, and I've seen testing between identical pages (one URL with keywords, and one without) where the SEO friendly URL ranks higher.

Just that fact that URL keywords are highlighted in search results should be enough to verify the significance.

Re: Tweak PunRewrite on 1.2.21

Oh, and the same applies to my request on multiple pages. Page 2 of a topic is all new content, and should also have the title keywords in the URL, only with the page number added on to eliminate duplicates.