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Topic: Showing New Posts Accurately

Using Pun 1.2.x

some users have complained that when they visit the forum, and only visit some individual posts, when they return later all posts (whether or not they did read them) were marked as read. This is because posts are marked read based on the time of each user's last visit---

To bring this one step further, posts should be shown as read as soon as a user reads a new post. Other (inferior) forum software available has this functionality.

I will be happy to do the legwork on this and post a mod. I did a search but could not find a topic that explained a fix or mod for this problem.

I am having a hard time coming up with a solution that doesn't involved a lot of stored information (keeping track of each user's individual activity to show whether not a post has been read seems like the hard way to fix this).... because the way that things work right now is basic (mark posts since last visit as read doesn't cut it.)

Please advise.