Topic: SQLite and $forum_db->drop_field

I have extensions … dex.tar.gz but users that used SQllite database backend report me errors in this code of uninstall section:

$forum_db->drop_field('forums', 'last_post_subject'); [b]// Error in this line[/b]
$forum_db->drop_index('forums', 'i_last_post_subject', false);
An error was encountered
The error occurred on line 582 in D:\Programme\Apache\htdocs\forum\include\dblayer\sqlite.php
Database reported: SQL logic error or missing database (Errno: 1).

install section worker fine

$forum_db->add_field('forums', 'last_post_subject', 'VARCHAR(255)', true, NULL);
$forum_db->add_index('forums', 'i_last_post_subject', array('last_post_subject'), false, false);

In new version (0.2.1) i have not created indexes if DB is Sqllite - but yet not tested - maybe this hack is work.

What can got this error?

Re: SQLite and $forum_db->drop_field

In a case of using SQLite DB-backend u must use $forum_db->drop_index ONLY BEFORE $forum_db->drop_field.

Re: SQLite and $forum_db->drop_field