Topic: Message Alert system

I'm currently working on a new forum and just after a little help on something...

Basically using the PM add on at the minute so the only display you get about a new PM is tiny.

what I would prefer is if a box would come up in the middle of the page saying you have a new private message!

I'm not a massive coder however I'm guessing to do this I will need to use javascript and to add a new_message.php file that will detect if there is a new pm or not.

Am i anywhere near on the right lines?

If not could anyone please give me a clue on this.

Re: Message Alert system

It will be enough to add some JS-code which will generate a message or window. Study the "pun_pm_unread_messages" function in <FORUM_ROOT>/extensions/functions.php (line #155), where the "New messages" link is generated.