Topic: punbbcode feature request : font size


I think rightnow pubbcode doesn't have the font size feature.

For example: [size=16]Large Text[/size]

So if possible please add this.

This will be a great feature to add more definition in any page.

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Re: punbbcode feature request : font size

I think most browsers support this feature without it being provided for in the web page. I use a number of browsers and with all of them I just hold down the control key and hit plus or minus to change the font size. This has worked for many years now. smile Another option is to hold down the control key while using the scroll wheel to make the font bigger or smaller.

Yes it is nice to control the font size and I see on-line news papers using it. Older people often like bigger fonts, but there are many reasons which are valid. Anyway, I think there is no point in having it on web page any more.


It just occurred to me that you might be talking about variable size in posting rather than from the client's point of view. smile In that case there is the heading tag, although there is no range.


Re: punbbcode feature request : font size

You need to hack your style css.

IE if you are using oxygen as default style then open the oxygen.css file and add the relevant code.

I only know because I've just done it myself.

Use this place to change the font and it will tell you what code to add in etc.