Topic: Localize hardcoded text "Currently installed x official extensions."

Hardcoded text "Currently installed x official extensions. Copyright © 2003–2009 PunBB." seems to be incorparated from most extensions. This should of course be localized.

Solution suggestion:


'Installed extensions'                  =>      'Currently installed %s official extensions.',
'Copyright'                             =>      'Copyright &copy; 2003&ndash;2009 <a href="">PunBB</a>',

to lang/common.php.

and replace all occurrences of(ususally in manifest.xml and cache_hooks.php):

echo '<p style="clear: both; ">Currently installed <span id="extensions-used" title="'.implode(', ', $pun_extensions_used).'.">'.count($pun_extensions_used).' official extensions</span>. Copyright &copy; 2003&ndash;2009 <a href="">PunBB</a>.</p>';


echo \'<p style="clear: both; ">\'.sprintf($lang_common[\'Installed extensions\'],\'<span id="extensions-used" title="\'.implode(\', \', $pun_extensions_used).\'.">\'.count($pun_extensions_used)).\'</span> \'.$lang_common[\'Copyright\'].\'</p>\';

You also need to do something similar to:

echo \'<p style="clear: both; ">The \'.$pun_extensions_used[0].\' official extension is installed. Copyright &copy; 2003&ndash;2009 <a href="">PunBB</a>.</p>\';