Topic: pun_approve hardcoded

Topic title replacement with hardcoded line "being approved". It can not be localized.
function.php line ~1542:

$new_subject = str_replace(' (being approved)', '', $row['subject']);

manifest.xml lin ~844:

'SET'        => 'subject=\''.$forum_db->escape($res_posts['subject']).' (being approved)\', first_post_id='.$new_pid.', last_post_id='.$new_pid.', last_post='.$res_posts['posted'],


Re: pun_approve hardcoded

also hardcoded on functions.php ~1115

(($cur_post['is_topic']) ? 'Delete topic' : 'Delete post')

manifest.xml ~752

                    redirect(forum_link($forum_url['post'], $last_post_id), 'Your post will be approved (moderated)');
                else if ($fid)
                    redirect(forum_link($forum_url['forum'], $fid), 'Your topic will be approved (moderated)');

Also lang/English/pun_approval.php contains many unused vars

//copyright from lang_topic
    'Topic by'                    => 'Topic by %s:',
    'Reply by'                    => 'Reply by %s:',
    'Post reply'                => 'Post reply',
    'Topic closed'                => 'Topic closed',
    'Guest reply disabled'        => 'Guests may not reply to topics in this forum.',
    'Status'                    => 'Status:',
    'From'                        => 'From:',
    'Registered'                => 'Registered:',
    'Note'                        => 'Note:',
    'Posts'                        => 'Posts:',
    'IP'                        => 'IP:',
    'Visit website'                => '<span>%s\'s </span>Website',
    'Guest'                        => 'Guest',
    'Online'                    => 'Online',
    'Offline'                    => 'Offline',
    'Last edited'                => 'Last edited by %s (%s)',
    'Report'                    => 'Report',
    'Delete'                    => 'Delete',
    'Delete topic'                => 'Delete topic',
    'Edit'                        => 'Edit',
    'Quote'                        => 'Quote',
    'Cancel subscription'        => 'Unsubscribe from topic',
    'Subscription'                => 'Subscribe to topic',
    'Topic login nag'            => 'Guest posting is disabled. You must %s or %s to post a reply.',
    'Quick post'                => 'Quick post',
    'Avatar'                    => 'Avatar',
    'Post'                        => 'Post',
    'Cannot delete'                => 'You cannot delete the first post',
    'Permalink post'            => 'Permanent link to this post',
    'Permalink topic'            => 'Permanent link to this topic',
    'Go to profile'                => 'Go to %s\'s profile',
    'Move'                        => 'Move topic',
    'Open'                        => 'Open topic',
    'Close'                        => 'Close topic',
    'Unstick'                    => 'Unstick topic',
    'Stick'                        => 'Stick topic',
    'Delete posts'                => 'Delete posts',
    'bann'                        => 'Bann to user',
    'Badly link argument'        =>    'The link you followed contains bad arguments.',
    'No db result from posts'    =>    'There are no unapproved posts.',