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I don't think we've had one of these yet :D

Where do you live?
What do you do for a living?

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Name - Joe Westhead - not too surprisingly
Where do you live - Skipton, North Yorkshire, England
Interests - Football, graphic/web design, 70s rock music, Championship Manager
What do you do for a living - I'm in the Upper 6th Form [Year 13] at Ermysted's Grammar School in Skipton. Next year I will be studying German and Russian at University
Special Fact - At 18 I am the captain of my local senior football side, Skipton Town. At the moment we are challenging for the league and are in the Quarter Finals of the Cup

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Name: Kristoffer Jansson
Age: 16
Location: Skövde, Sweden
Interests: Living
Occupation: Studying IT

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Name: Frank Hagström
Age: 24 (crap, time flies)
Location: Luleå, Sweden (Lat 65.34 N)
Interests: Where will I start smile ... all sort of racing (F1, Rally, NASCAR, IRL, Speedway, etc.), carphysics, racingsims(NR2003, GPL, F1C...), 3d graphics, programming just for my projects(quite abit of that)
Other: Studying for a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering...

Hey Kennel you forgot to add your specs wink

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Name: David Djurbäck
Age: 22
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Interests: Programming/web-design
What I do: Studying Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology

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Frank H wrote:

Hey Kennel you forgot to add your specs ;)

Haha, you're right :) Here they come:

Name: Rickard Andersson
Age: 27
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden (it's almost in Denmark :))
Interests: Programming (duh!), good music, space (I'm a sucker for Discovery Science), sci-fi movies/series.
Occupation: Just graduated from college (BSc in software engineering) and doing misc. freelance coding work. In my spare time I work on PunBB and hang out with my girlfriend.
Interesting fact: Even if I really don't have anything to do, I feel as if I never have enough time. Ok, maybe not so interesting :)

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

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Kennel wrote:

Interesting fact: Even if I really don't have anything to do, I feel as if I never have enough time. Ok, maybe not so interesting :)

Thats a law of nature :P

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"You start coding. I'll go find out what they want." - Computer Analyst to Programmer

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Name: Marcus
Age: 18
Location: Lenhovda, Sweden
Interests: Programming, Web-design, DJ-ing, hang on different forums, Linux, PA etc.

"Real programmers are those that can sleep in front of terminals ... with their eyes opened."

"Real programmers don't work from 9 to 5. If any real programmers are around at 9am it's because they were up all night."

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Name: Eric Jonsson
Age: 18, soon 19.
Location: Göteborg, sweden
Occupation: Studying IT
Interests: Coding, computer security


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Name: Louis St-Amour (Pronounced like in French, Lu-ee Saint-Amour)
Age: 17 (18 on March 6th)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Learning. Playing. Being happy.

Playing music in Winamp 5.01 Pro while fragging with friends in Counter-Strike. Helping friends on my forums, chatting ...

Web design/development in multiple languages. Manufacturing computers and providing technical support (through a company I co-own called Digital Flame). Developing the backend for Digital Flame in C# and .NET technologies.

Interesting fact:
I dropped out of high school two years ago because I felt like I was going nowhere and learning nothing. I'll be going back this year, however, since I really do want to get to university.


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Name: Andy Taylor
Interests:Computers, running, basketball + other sports tongue


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Name: Undisclosed, my initials are good enough.
Age: 16
Intrests: Computers, Sports, Movies, Classic Rock, and Halo
Occupation: Going to hell with florecent lights, I mean High School.
Interesting Fact: I have used almost every OS ever created...I know, its sad...

Do, or do not.

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Name: Linus Nordin
Age: 22
Location: Sundsvall and Junsele, Sweden
Interests: Programming, *nix, Networks, New technique, Home cinema, Party
Occupation: System development at MKC, Server administrator at CreateIT, Coding, consultant, security at ETECH, technical consultant for SVAR ITK
Interesting fact: I moved 4 times in one month last year (new jobs)


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Name: Dale Hay

Age: 16

Location: Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK


Supposed to be at school but im not cuz i get bullied :\

Interesting fact:
I can suck air into my bum then fart it back out... (dont laugh)



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Name: Zaher Dirkey
Age 32   tooo old of you
Where do you live: Syria in middle east
Interests: eating, programming.
What do you do for a living?
Hmmm anything big_smile ,Once Accountant , once Programmer
Occupation Now, Programmer
now i am writing Accounting system in Delphi (since 5 years)
i was started with computer from Sinclair  1988 z80

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Name : Md Faizal
Age : 32 you got company... dude
Where do u live : Singapore
Interests : Surfing, Programming, Designing

Occupation : Designer/Programmer


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fehoo big_smile
from yesterday i have grief when i remember my Age
Now i am not the only old man tongue

If your people come crazy, you will not need to your mind any more.


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Name: phil
Age: the oldest fart so far - 46
Where: Shelburne, Ontario, Canada
Interests: Cheese, web programming, 17th C. living history
Occupation: Dairy Sheep Farmer

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Name: Simon
Age: 17
Where: Eksjö, Sweden
Interests: Music
Occupation: Studying the second year i hm... i dont know the english word but is called omvårdnadsprogrammet in swedish maby someone with better english knowlege culd translate that

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Name: Mike Lansberry
Age: 39 (for a few months anyway)
Location: Dover, PA USA

Interests: Anything tech, Major Mac Addict (OSX), php coding ( and, music (major Rush freak), any racing involving dirt (Moto/SuperCross favorites), yahooka, history channel buff....and twins smile

Occupation: Electrical Engineer (but basically a controls engineer who programs anythings from VB, proprietary code (Wonderware, RSView, WinCC, blah, blah, blah), Powerbuilder, Access, etc.....down to good old PLC's and OIT devices....and basic...woohoo...industrial automation never a dull moment.)

Interesting Fact: Road rage poster boy, and still love my Newton 120 (with keyboard), and iPod surgically attached to chest to prevent wearing on shirt pockets smile

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Man, I'm such a dork. I had to google to find out what "yahooka" is :P

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

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Sverrir Gunnlaugsson
Reykjavik and occationaly Keflavik, Iceland
Computer, R/C model airplanes, flying
Computer Science study, almost over wink
freelance web programing and designing


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Name : Alexandre

Where do you live : Paris, France

What do you do for a living : student


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Name: dave
Age: 29
Location: sioux falls, sd, usa
Occupation: software developer, banking industry
Interests: movies, music, firearms, aquaria, programming