Topic: [release] Moderator group assignment


This extension let moderators to set users group. It is configurable in admin' group panel.
Now you don't need to assign someone as admin to let him change users group. You can even set which groups can he change.

You need two steps to configure it.
1. Set "Allow moderators to set users group."
Because moderator will be able to change group only in user profile, you need to set "Allow moderators to edit user profiles." too**.

2. Assign (at least two) groups which you want to be settable by moderator - "Moderator can set this group."
(moderators will be able to change from/to group which are selected here ONLY)

** - Because I found a bug in users.php, I didn't add this feature to that place yet.

Version 1.0

YonasH's repository + Extensions Directory = PunBB Extensions Online Library (in progress....)

Away. I will be back soon.

Re: [release] Moderator group assignment

This extension no longer works for me in 1.3.3.

It worked perfectly before the upgrade. Was there something changed that could have broken it?

Re: [release] Moderator group assignment

I know this is a bump of epic proportions, but is there a mod that works with the current version of PunBB?
Or the chance that this could be updated?

Re: [release] Moderator group assignment

I was considering bumping this too, a couple of weeks ago.

I've got it working-ish though, by changing the hook on line 70 from pf_change_details_admin_pre_group_membership to pf_change_details_admin_pre_membership in the manifest.xml.

Its not that pretty but its a workaround. Good luck.

Re: [release] Moderator group assignment

Changed that hook in manifest as suggest by Cleric (and also min. tested to 1.3.4 from 1.3.2)
and now uploaded it here …

Anyone else feel like improving it, obviously feel free!


Re: [release] Moderator group assignment

Hello, could anyone transform it to 1.4? It's the most essential extension for my forum and seems that it doesn't work sad. Moderators cannot see 'Administration' link in user profile.

If any of my dropbox link fails with 404 error, change*.zip in address to 82283017.

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