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This extension replaces the current icons with images.
You can easily add your own set to the images folder in the extension for personalisation of your board.

Download Mirror 1 …
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3 …

Note: Based on a Rich Pedley extension called Forum Fixes Images

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Very nice, added to my board.


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Thank you for this.

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screen please

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The images are very simple, they're in the extension folder "images" ...
Just download and check...

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thanks nice extension!

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how to change icon in custom forum ?
for example:
forum "PunBB 1.4 bug reports" must have icon1.png
forum "PunBB 1.4 troubleshooting" must have icon2.png

in russian forum i found this

/* Индивидуальные иконки фрумов
#forum[ID].main-item .icon { background: url(icons/forums/forum[ID].png) no-repeat; } /* Прочитанный форум */
#forum[ID].main-item { background: url(icons/forums/forum[ID]_new.png) no-repeat; } /* Непрочитанный форум */

* [ID] - ID forum.

but its dont working

can you help ?

sorry for my bad english smile