Topic: DNS IP Blacklist -Query before user registers

I recently had a bot register on a forum that was listed on the (and not on stopforumspam). So I thought to increase chances of catching bad IPs it might be good idea to run checks though there aswell. For example


was listed and
the DNS query would be

For test purposes they have text = " is listed for testing purposes since 2008-07-15"

So now the question:
Can PunBB make the ip LHSBL readable and then send a DNS-query?

If you need to know anything else from the people running that blacklist let me know and I'll contact them again...

Re: DNS IP Blacklist -Query before user registers

Found this might be better supported; found at
after speaking to the admin at SEM (spam eating monkey)

To check the status of the IP, query the blacklist as:
If the IP is listed there will be an A record response with the IP and a TXT record response with a link to the lookup page.

A few lines for PHP:

$clientip = explode(".", $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]);
$revip = array_reverse($clientip);
$query = implode(".", $revip) . "";
$result = explode(".", gethostbyname($query));

if ($result[0] == 127) {
    // Blocked IP handling code goes here
    echo "Blocked!";