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Topic: Sitespeedforum.com

I've used other forum software such phpBB/MyBB/vBulletin and so far and PunBB is my  new favourite. So I decided to use it on my latest forum.

This is a forum to discuss website speed optimization, from optimizing your website to caching your pages we discuss all of that there!

It's a new forum so it's not very busy at the moment, but I will still be posting lots of quality content.

Hope to see you at my new forum, thanks for reading.

Link: http://sitespeedforum.com


Re: Sitespeedforum.com

Nice colors and interestingly aimed topic. I think I'll definitely check this forum more thoroughly smile

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Re: Sitespeedforum.com

PunBB is the perfect forum for that sites' theme. big_smile

BTW: Have you ever tried getting your forum posts (recent/active) to show on your WP blog/site?

Re: Sitespeedforum.com

Hey guys, thank you for checking it out! And thanks for signing up Grez!

And @Keydog, I'm currently working on creating some decent content which I can submit to digg, and blog about. I'm thinking of starting up a blog that also discusses website speed optimization to get some users into the forum.

Thanks again!