Topic: Add links in the top menu

I can not add links in the top menu
I tried using the tool in the admin menu
I put <a href="">mylink</ a>
But I do not see the link
Can you help me
Thank you

Re: Add links in the top menu

By entering HTML hyperlinks into this textbox, any number of items can be added to the navigation menu at the top of all pages. The format for adding new links is X = <a href="URL">LINK</a> where X is the position at which the link should be inserted (e.g. 0 to insert at the beginning and 2 to insert after "User list"). Separate entries with a linebreak

You need to put   

 1 =  

or whatever number ... before the link


Re: Add links in the top menu

How do I add a link on the admin-menu?

Thx in advance!