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so i wrapped my own website around the forum,
however, the tables seem to completely align to the left like this :

leaving alot of space on the right side and making it a bit messy.
now i know its taking over the css of my website 2, but even when i remove everything i added myself the problem stays.

and, if its ment to be like this ... is there a way to align everything properly ?


Re: [Solved] align tables properly

Does it show properly if you change the name of your websites .css to a different name than the forums, i.e. can you get the forum default style to show as it should?

The way it looks in that screenshot is what one normally sees when the page is being loaded RAW without the .css

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Re: [Solved] align tables properly

im sure that if i use the default css files it would look like it should.

so ye its pretty certain that the problem is within the css file.

and i dont know if its intended, but with my page wrapped around the forum, the forum itself is also looking in the css of my website instead of  its own. so i solved it quit messy by just adding all the things in the oxygen and oxygen_cs into my own css. this lead ofc to some weird stuff. but most of them i got rid off.

but the codes that set the proper style for the tables should still be in there as i shamelessly copied the oxygen and oxygen_cs files into mine. meaning if id del all my own css code it would get its default looks am i right?

Re: [Solved] align tables properly

or at least, does anyone know where thi part that im after is defined ?

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I wonder if you wouldn't have more success the other way round... so putting everything into oxygen....
there's also the oxygen.php file you have to consider .... what did you do with that ?

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im so sorry,
i should have mentioned that im suing version 1.2.23

but after some proper looking into the oxygen.css i saw it imports base.css to :<

im srry for bothering you... but thnx alot for ur replies. without them id prob still be clueless tongue

Re: [Solved] align tables properly

ok cool no prob