Topic: mark as read..

Just wondering if its possible to mark topics as read.

I know its done on a cookie and I know there is an extension out there that changes it so that the info is held on the server.

What I'm wondering is there a way to add a button near the topic that marks that topic as read so it doesnt appear as having new posts?


Re: mark as read..

Would be useful if you'd chosen right section, since now I don't know whether you're asking about PunBB 1.2 or 1.3...

Anyway in 1.3, there's a button "Mark all topics as read" if you go to "New posts"  wink And button near topic - just visit it and it'll mark as read  neutral  smile

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Re: mark as read..

Thanks Grez, its 1.3 i'm asking about.

Seen the mark all as read button just wondering if there is any out there to do indivudual topics.