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Topic: [request] Auto-refresh

Hi, do you think it might be possible, one day, to have an extension that refresh automatically the forum ? Like in facebook, hotmail, etc ?

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it was discussed here
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … framework/
and abandoned it seems...

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What do you mean by "refresh automatically the forum"?


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I think he means that it will update the topics etc so it will automatically come up if there are any new posts.

Don't think it would work personally but not the worst idea I've heard.

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Thank you for anwering.

Is it so hard to create a tag that automatically refrech a forum all the xseconds ?

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I have ext for this called Fancy_fast_gun, it use AJAX without reloading page, but it requires for work this ext http://punbb.ru/topic3551-rasshirennyi- … query.html and maybe little custom work.


Be carefull, this version unoptimized and not tested on clean forum - i have custom build of punbb.

Current dev version optimized and good work on my forum http://forum.iteam.ua/


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Thank you. I'm not sure to be able to implement this but I'll try !


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Unfortunatelly, I don't speak the cyrillic... What custom changes should I make ? I think such an extension, usable by everyone would be very good.

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Ok. i`m check my ext in default punbb instaliation and answer you.


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If you just want to refresh forum pages, you need to add this line:

header('Refresh: 5; url=http://localhost'.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

after the 22 line of the "<FORUM_ROOT>/header.php" file. Don't forget to change the refresh time and your domain.


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Thank you, this works !

But it implies a cookie problem. Indeed, when the page is refreshed, it goes on an error pages saying that "you don't have cookie enabled" and you seem to be disconnected. But in fact, if you go on previous page, of if you clic on any forum page , you can see that you are indeed well connected.

How can we fix this so that you remain on the same page, connected, without this error page ? Does someone have the same problem ?

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Sexy Ajax solution wanted pleeease smile