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Topic: [Release] Fancy Alert

Extension provide 3 separate type of alerts.

1) When you create topic and other user post reply in this topic. When you read this topic (page with this reply) - alerts disabled. Work only for new topics, created after installed this ext. Also you can alerts on to any other topic. During install ext automatically subscribe author for their topics for last 3 month.

2) When somebody quoted your message.
3) When somebody use your nick in form



With installed fancy_jquery alerts status updated automatic without reloading page — settings present. Default is off.

Dont upgrade if you have version before 0.10 - instead remove it and install version 1.0

Download for PunBB 1.3
fancy_alerts — version 1.3.5

PunBB 1.4
fancy_alerts.zip — version 1.5.10


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

I freaking love you.
It's so easy to keep up with posts now.

Huuuuge thanks.

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

It is alpha version - working prototype - i need time and user feedback for complete extensions.

Hot question - when need remove quote alerts?
In version 0.7.2 its remove when u go to post message with quote with use link Go to post.

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

In version 0.8 quote alerts removed when you read topic page.
Removes only quotes alerts for messages on current page.


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

I've been updating different topics of mine with another account, (been trying quoting as well as just a normal post) yet it doesn't seem to update "T:#" when it's for an update of a topic made before Fancy Alerts was installed.

Apart from that I'm loving it smile

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

T:# works only for new topics, isnt?


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Yeah, any way to get it to update for old topics (ones before Fancy Alerts was installed) ?

Also: when I deleted some posts I was quoted in, it didn't remove the "Q:#".
So it's showing Q:3, and when I click it says "Your search returned no hits. ".

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Maybe in feature.

i checking deleted problem... version 0.8?

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Can not reproduce on 0.8 — in this version Q updates when your view topic - even before you view delete link.

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

I can't seem to get mine to update to version 0.8. Uninstalled, deleted folder, Downloaded, reuploaded.. still shows it wants to install 0.7  neutral

Edit: Your download link manifest still shows as 0.7. You haven't updated it you numpty  smile

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Fixed small errors


Updated, i`m checked twice :-)

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Now detect reference to user in form


if it first in line

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Update Quote alerts on non-silent post edit and fix delete error.



Re: [Release] Fancy Alert


Possibly (sort of) incorporate this extension: User Tagging. So it says "Tag: #" when someone's said @Username about you in a topic?

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

It is problematic becous punbb`s usernames may have space - an i have no idea how extract this usernames from text. Usertagging for PunBB ext no find this names too.


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

@dimkalinux This isn't really "clean" solution, but imo it would be possible to take the @text and query DB with it
[code=mysql]SELECT ... WHERE LIKE '$found_part_of_nick%'[/code]
and then use strpos for looking up the whole username   smile

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Grez, i think its bad idea by several reason.
2 way:

1) use tag arround name - [user]username[/user]
2) use form


in start of line.

In my forum users use second way and havent problem.


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Well then is it possible to make any space in a username be the same as an underscore?
So in code it would show up as an underscore rather than a space?

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

New version 0.10.1

Now you can turn on/off alerts for any topics, not only yours.
For author topic turn on automatic.
Now just after install automatic turns on alerts for topics for last 3 month (for authors).

List Alerts
You can view all your alerts topics in profile.

Q now P
P: # — posts, with your nick or quotes.

With installed fancy_jquery alerts status updated automatic without reloading page — settings present. Default is off.

Warning dont update previus version — delete it and install version 0.10

fancy_alerts — version 0.10.1


Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Damn. Just have to say well done.
Planning to make anymore additions/changes to it?

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Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Version 0.10.1 moved to version 1.0. Upgrade not needed, but you can do it.

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Version 1.1.3

  • fixed errors

  • better integration with posts merging (fancy_merge_post)

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Version 1.2

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Version 1.3.5

  • fixed small errors

Re: [Release] Fancy Alert

Version for PunBB 1.4
fancy_alerts.zip — version 1.5.7