Topic: I need help with my forum.


I just installed punBB on my website and unfortunately I'm having problems with changing the colors and some features.

Can someone please help me out by telling me what I have to do ?

Here is a screenshot of how it looks now:

1. I want to change the blue and the grey colors.

2. And I want everything to be in DUTCH!

3. I also want to get rid of the data in the bottom:
    Total number of registered users: 47
    Total number of topics: 1
    Total number of posts: 1

4. I also want to remove the " User list " on top of the page.

Please help me out!

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Re: I need help with my forum.

1 | If you have trouble changing the theme, try this:

2 | You will find the language packs to this address:
     Only 40% are translated into your language apparently, because nobody did helped.
     It would be a good opportunity to do so.

3 | To do this, you need to edit the index file and comment/delete everything that is between:

// START SUBST - <!-- forum_info -->


// END SUBST - <!-- forum_info -->

4 | I do not know exactly what is the goal, but there are 2 possibilities :
Either go to and edit perms views for each groups
open ../include/functions.php, about line 420, comment this :

    if ($forum_user['g_read_board'] == '1' && $forum_user['g_view_users'] == '1')
        $links['userlist'] = '<li id="navuserlist"'.((FORUM_PAGE == 'userlist') ? ' class="isactive"' : '').'><a href="'.forum_link($forum_url['users']).'">'.$lang_common['User list'].'</a></li>';

And finally, thank you for using the search function, some points have already been addressed.


I don't speak English, but Google Translate is doing pretty good.