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Hi, everyone!
Sorry for the silence over the latest months. We have been working hard on other projects.
Our nearest plans involve releasing PunBB 1.3.5, which will have a lot of fixes and some new features. But we cannot accomplish this without the community's help.
So I want to invite everybody who wants to develop extensions or the core to join the PunBB development team!

We are not looking for gurus in php and mysql, but you should have at least some knowledge. Also, you should have basic knowledge of the PunBB core.
We have devised a short test to check your knowledge.

Send me a pm or email me at if you want to join us.

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IT'S very very good NEWS!!!!


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Ahhh, some news, at last !

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS / Windows XP SP2
GIMP 2.6.8 (advanced), Inkscape (newbie)
XHTML/CSS (advanced), PHP/MySQL (medium)
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Wonderful to hear that! I'll send PM as soon as I get from abroad smile

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Hi Slavok,

Seeing as you want community help, what's the chance of getting back?

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I don't think I have the skills yet to really make solid contributions, but I'm really glad to see that you guys are a) not dead and b) moving towards a more open source development solution!

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Can't hurt to have more people involved.


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Hi, all!
We moved development on to  github. You can join the development, without tests your knowledge.
Read more here: … to-github/