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Topic: chat thread, need to be able to link to most recent page

I have a link to a chat thread on my links bar at the top of my forum. It currently links to the first page of the chat thread, but I'd like it to link to the most recent page instead as this thread has over a hundred pages. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? As the most recent page constantly changes, it's not a matter of simply linking to something. I'm betting there's some bit of html I need to add somewhere.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Sorry if this is a n00bish question, but I did a pretty thorough search and couldn't find the answer.

I also realize there are chatroom add-ons, but my users like having the chatroom in a thread.

Here's a link to my forum:



Re: chat thread, need to be able to link to most recent page

I'm not sure you can do that directly, as that would involve including some PHP to point to the last page or post, and you can only add HTML "fixed" links in PunBB admin interface.

BUT, you can do that if you code your link directly in the PHP file which is responsible for printing the main menu (can't remember which one it is exactly, but you will find some clues in index.php) instead of the PunBB admin interface.

Does it help?