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Topic: [Release] Auto DST

This extension expands timezone selection and makes DST adjustment automatic.

It does not require any configuration but it is a good idea to double check that your default timezone is set correctly.

After installation timezone selection will be expanded to match options available in Window OS and Daytime Light Savings adjustment will be done automatically for each zone.

This extension utilizes new functions available in PHP 5.2.0 and will require that you run at least that version on your server.

Download: http://mattstypa.com/wp-content/uploads … _punbb.zip

pun-recaptcha webpage: http://mattstypa.com/auto-dst-for-punbb/

Screenshots below

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this is not official extension PunBB for use prefix pun_*

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This has been corrected.

I apologize for this oversight.


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The link doesn't work… Have you any other mirror to download it?
I thinks it's so useful…


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Here's one: