Topic: Adding custom smilies to PunBB 1.4

Hello, i'm new to punBB and I've just set up a forum. Now i would like to replace the default smilies with custom ones. How do I change the smilies? I have located the img/smilies/ folder but in which .php document do I add the url to the new smilies?

Sorry if I'm not using the right terms for everything, I'm pretty new to webcoding and designing, but i'm learning smile

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Adding custom smilies to PunBB 1.4

Alright, i found it. Now I've got another question..

Where can i change the width and height of avatars? I want to be able to load 150x300 as max. I've changed it in the settings at the forum, but they still look very squeezed.

Re: Adding custom smilies to PunBB 1.4

in the parser.php where the smilies are done there's a height=15 and a width=15 comment them or delete them.