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Why in my forum the bbcode icons not show....


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same for me, but finally I think its better like that big_smile

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It can be setting in Profile

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wow i not know it, and for active it default fot all user?

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Change line 37 of /extensions/pun_bbcode/manifest.xml

$forum_db->add_field('users', 'pun_bbcode_use_buttons', 'TINYINT(1)', false, 0);


$forum_db->add_field('users', 'pun_bbcode_use_buttons', 'TINYINT(1)', false, 1);

and reinstall it.

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wow!! thanks


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I didn't realise this was even an option. I think it would make more sense if the plugin was updated to set this as the default and then allow users to disable. There isn't really a reason these days not to use images in buttons (in my opinion!).