Topic: Locked forum icon won't display?

I've replaced my forum icons with images using CSS, which works fine except for this:

Only no new/new forum icon displays on the index page. I have a locked forum, but it just displays the normal no new post icon. How can I make it show the locked icon?

And also, I do not know how to make my moved topic icon work either.


Re: Locked forum icon won't display?

Is there no easy way to fix this...? hmm

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Re: Locked forum icon won't display?

Could you show us the part of your CSS which you've changed? Or at least adress to your forum smile.

If any of my dropbox link fails with 404 error, change*.zip in address to 82283017.

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Re: Locked forum icon won't display?

I don't have it here, but I changed every part with the CSS colors with background image. This worked perfectly fine on everything else , just not the moved icon and locked icon on the index... what's the reason?