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how do i convert my forum to punbb

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Please follow the steps in this post … tion-tool/

Grez wrote:

I didn't know which section to choose, but I guess the main thing is that this tool finally exists and not section in which it is published big_smile

  • Backup your phpBB3 forum! (both db and code, I don't know what could possibly go wrong, and I guess you don't want to end up with totally new forum without any posts, right?

  • Delete all phpbb files and install brand-new PunBB forum

  • Download phpbb_converting_tool

  • Extract it into rootdir of your forum

  • Using Administration install the phpbb3_login extension

  • Run the phpbb.php file, choose what do you want to convert, fill in the phpbb database prefix (if any) aaand

  • Trigger it

  • Users

  • Categories

  • Forums

  • Topics

  • Posts

  • PMs //if extension installed

  • BB codes

  • Admin's in original "admin" group and admin performing the conversion

Features this convertor does not include
  • Groups

  • Forums permissions

  • Avatars

  • Polls

  • Attachments

  • and some unimportant stuff


2010-08-05: Published & first satisfied customer tongue

Currently has been tested only on localhost on forum PhpBB 3.0.1 with approximately 700 users, 300 topics and 5000 posts. The script took 3sec on my crappy PC  big_smile

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where can i find the phpbb3_login extension

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epicguy11 wrote:

where can i find the phpbb3_login extension

Inside the downloadable tool...

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it didn't convert

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Okay, maybe you'll have to take detour by converting it to 1.3.4 (what the tool was tested on...)

If you can convert to 1.3.4 it will be a breeze afterwards....


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@epicguy11: Being little more specific could be handy... For example which versions of PunBB and PhpBB you tried to convert? Did it write some kind of error? What was the output of operation (did it write 100% to all despite doing anything, or some FATAL error, blank page... etc.?)

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Re: PhpBB3 to punbb

I was using:

-phpBB 3.0.9
-PunBB 1.4.1

Edit: lucky me i have a backup