Topic: Bold visit links if there are new posts.

I would like to make New posts link bolded, if there are new posts on my forum. I've got many categories, and some people ( including me ), got little time and willingness, to scroll down and check if there are any new post. The post counter would be also very nice, eg. New posts ( 5 ). I understand that it would need some queries to DB, since header is loaded before index.php, where proper values are loaded from DB.
Please show me the way.

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Re: Bold visit links if there are new posts.

Do you have any demo I can look at Kushi?

Re: Bold visit links if there are new posts.

Its not simple because New posts links its not exactly Unreaded new posts - it is just New posts since your last visit (or visit timeout). it can containts New posts in topics that already readed.

In my old forum i`m create extension that by ajax counted realy new unreaded posts and display it as counter on page title and browser tab. And make link for toggle display all forums or only with unreaded topics. You can check it work at http://forum.iteam.ua/ but it for PunBB 1.3. Extension called fancy_fast_gun - you can find it or i can send by request.