Topic: Fancy jQuery Addons

Its another extensions that provided addon modules for jQuery.

Included libs

  • jquery.cookie.js

  • jquery.easing.js

  • jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js

  • jquery.hotkeys.js

  • jquery.mousewheel.js

  • jquery.sha1.js

  • jquery.timers-1.2.js


  • underscore.js

PunBB 1.4

Re: Fancy jQuery Addons

One question. What is best for jQuery method - local, Google Ajax API CDN, Microsoft CDN or jQuery CDN ?

Re: Fancy jQuery Addons

Local - if you hosted on fast servers.

Re: Fancy jQuery Addons

I get this when I try to install this extension:

This extension cannot be installed unless "pun_jquery" is installed and enabled

But I can't find pun_jquery anywhere. I have looked on this site, the wiki, and through the first few hundrend links on Google. I cannot find it.

I am using punBB 1.4.2.


Re: Fancy jQuery Addons

How you could miss an "extension" link in menu? big_smile
Also there is a link to it in the Wiki on the main page.