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Topic: [1.4.x] HM Flags - Flags in posts and search users for the flags

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Name: HM Flags
Description: Add Nationality Flags in Messages and allows Browse members of the same nationality
Author : Himura
Version: 1.0
Language: English - Spanish (The native is Spanish, machine translation into English)
PunBB Version: This extension was scheduled to PunBB 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 tested in the absence of significant changes are expected to function without error in all the 1.4 series


This extension allows users to select their nationality when registering, choosing from a preset list can be configured by the manager or managers from the admin panel / configuration / hmflags, this field is mandatory and default if not prevent complete user registration, but this option can also be changed by the administrator or administrators from the section above, the nationality of their choice will be displayed on the user's messages, eye on this download does not include flags, are included separately, so it is not so large that the file also may not like my flags as they are a little old ladies, if a user does not select his nationality, for example if registry before you install this extension, select it was not mandatory or just want to change your preference, you can do from your profile / identity, as in the record if it is mandatory profile prevent the amendment of section identity if not checked, permits users as administrators and moderators may also edit this option to their users from their profiles (default PunBB feature) when you click on the icon in the user flag the message will be shown a list of users sharing the same nationality and with some options and information about them.

- Download the expansion pack below
- Download or prepare a set of flags and stick them in the "pais" in the folder name extension of the flags must match those on the list, the list can be accessed in the admin panel / configuration / hmflags
- Install the extension from the Admin Panel / Extensions


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Nice extension smile

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exelente extencion himura..

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