Topic: PunBB's accessibility when we use our browser colour preferences


It's been a long time since last time I came, but today I come for an accessibility issue.

I am currently under treatment for a second uveitis episode within less than one year.  This eye inflammation causes photophobia, which means that I have pain under bright light, including when I look on a screen that displays a white-coloured page.
So, for the whole period of treatment, I darkened my Gnome desktop theme and I configured Firefox in order to use my own colours - darkgrey backgrounds with lightgrey texts and borders - and to disallow websites to use their own colours.  So for now, all Web pages are displayed in light texts on dark backgrounds with lightorange links.

So when I came to my PunBB 1.3 forum, I noticed that by the facts that all borders use the text color with my settings, we cannot see if there are new posts or not, and there's really nothing to help us know it, unless if I look at last post time.  The situation is the same here (1.4).  So, there's a loss of information for those who use a setting like mine because of photophobia or low vision.

Here's a screenshot of what I see on the index :

To test by yourself, under Firefox : Tools > Options (Win) or Edit > Preferences (Linux), then go to "Content" category, then go to "Colors…" button, so you have a dialog window where you can choose background and text colors and allow/disallow websites to use their own colors.  To understand even more, try it for one week non-stop.

Thanks in advance.


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