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Topic: How to modify header


I am not a pro on forum coding. I can handle modifications when I need to edit a html template, but in the Oxygen theme directory I found no html templates, only php, tpl and css files, and I don't really know which file to modify to get the desired effect I want.

I would like a custom image for the header (instead of the grey field that is behind the header text:"PunBB forums", and I would like a custom image behing the navigation bar and the category and forum headers.

I would also like to change the background color of the forum content. What I exactly mean are those cells in which the Forum titles in the Category listings are placed, the cells where the last poster info is displayed, the cells where the number of threads is displayed. So those cells that are in the category contents.

I tried to modify the Oxygen.css for this, but it didn't have any effect. I am used to Phpbb3 templates, here at PunBB I am not very familiar with how the templates are managed.

Could you please tell me where are the sections and in which file where I can make these modifications?

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oxygen.tpl is the template. Do not change Oxygen.css because it is just a backup file. Punbb uses Oxygen.css.min


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Thanks a lot I will check it!


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I have checked the Oxygen.css.min file, but the problem is that it is filled in with the codes in a way that there are no line breaks. The text is continuous, no line breaks, no empty lines, just a mess of codes. It is impossible to find anything in this mess. Does this CSS file look the same for you, or I might have done somwthing wrong on installation? The coding is correct, because the forum works, but the formatting of the text is terrible.

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What are you using to edit web documents?