Topic: spammer registering in hundreds a solution here

I have disabled forum Registration:
spammer registering in hundreds its taking hours deleting them

i Just the makes of this forum kindly make the registration form flexible.
that means those using your forum script can chose which items to have in the registration form.

this way all the forum downloading people will have a unique forum registration form and the spammers cannot use ther software to register they have to do it manually that way they cannot sign up in thousands and hundreds.

these spammers are a night mare.

and google is responsible for it. they are the once who want backlinks etc for higher search engine ranking thats why spammers are destroying websites for getting more links to their websites so that google will rank them higher.

shouldn't google be sued for this stupid policy?

Re: spammer registering in hundreds a solution here

search fancy stop spam from dimka.

sorry my BAD english T___T
Have a nice day >.<