Topic: REQ: Prune old posts in topic

A feature i'm missing is to prune old posts in a topic instead of prune a forum.
Some forums i know, including my own, have "chat-topics". These topics need to be cleaned once in a while. To remove posts one by one by hand is a pain in the butt. (and after the job is done it's a pain in the hand)

So this feature really would be appreciated.


Re: REQ: Prune old posts in topic

Been doing a search in this forum but now answer or Extension jet. Anyone has the knowledge of getting this done?


Re: REQ: Prune old posts in topic

I don't like removing a post from chat-topic. Instead of that, after the topic reach max posts version, close it and create another one.
For example: "Chit Chat [part1]" "Chit Chat [part2]", etc.