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Rich Pedley wrote:


Settings page now has in the Akismet section:

  • Enable Akismet

  • Akismet API Key

  • Ban period - How long Akismet will set the user ban for.

  • Member Min. Posts - Minimum amount of posts a member must have before they are not checked by Akismet

New page under management to handle posts marked as spam - Akismet (wot else!).
This page features a basic spam/ham count.

All spam is listed on one page, and via the select boxes you can delete them, or set them as ham.

One small and minor bug on this page: Deleting Topic starter posts in the list have the unfortunate side effect of deleting the entire topic - hough that may not be such a bad thing.

Individual posts can be marked as spam, or not spam by moderators and admin.

Posts you mark as spam are sent to akismet, and likewise posts marked as ham are also sent. This will go a long way to akismet getting better and better as time goes on.

The content of posts are hidden (possibly not on the search results page as yet - please let me know about that) for guests/members, but viewable with a warning for moderators/admin. I also disabled the reply link for posts marked as spam.

Grez wrote:

(source quote) I've checked the extension whether is still compatible with 1.4.1 and since it is, I've just made few small changes and here's the "new" version.

Also downloadable via extension directory (should link above ever fail)

Thanks to Grez, Rich Pedley and Garciat!

(Just re-posting from 1.3 Extensions section for future reference and ease of finding most current version...)

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Have been using this on a forum guests can post, since yesterday not a single spam post has got past akismet...

Anyone agree that it could be interesting to either add code (via a hook?) to this extension or to fancy_stop_spam / sfs_antispam so that the evidence isn't only reported to akismet but also to ?

As the API keys are both stored on boards if akismet and fancy_stop_spam/sfs_antispam are intstalled, I would imagine it could be interesting....

[edit: 2nd paragraph]

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thanks, i use akismet on my Wordpress websites and it work very well.

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Nice work! big_smile

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If anyone is using url_spam and akismet (as I am on a forum)
you may need to change manifest.xml by adding priorities to hooks:

akismet manifest.xml
line 49

 <hook id="po_end_validation" priority="9">

url_spam manifest.xml
line 76

<hook id="po_end_validation" priority="6"><![CDATA[

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what's url_spam

Re: [Extension] Akismet by Garciat, Rich Pedley, Grez

fantasma wrote:

what's url_spam

URL Checker Extension

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There's a couple places in the Akismet extension -- lines 256 and 268 of manifest.xml are the ones I've found -- where the code is written as:

'WHERE' => 's.is_spam = \'1\' && topic_id='.$topic_id,

That "&&" there should be "and" -- using "&&" is nonstandard SQL. It works on MySQL, but not all of us are running PunBB on MySQL. smile

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Thanks downloadable here with your changes Chipotle

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Hello. My attempt to install akismet on my 1.4 forum returned a message stating that it was not compatible with it.